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DEKRA Recogn!ze

Recogn!ze: A new training system for the recognition of hazardous objects in airfreight cargo

DEKRA-Recogn!ze is a customised, web-based training tool for the further training of security personnel at airports. Its purpose is to heighten the attention of security personnel thus enabling them to identify hazardous objects on cargo pallets quickly and reliably.

DEKRA-Recogn!ize shows a typical x-ray device for scanning cargo in stylised form on its display. Since the focus of training sequences lies on heightening attention rather than rehearsing to handle the system, not all functions of an x-ray device have been emulated for didactic reasons. Trainees can thus fully concentrate on recognition practice.

DEKRA-Recogn!ze processes hundreds of authentic images of cargo pallets. They are displayed with and without hazardous objects and substances. Users have to decide within clearly defined time slots whether the pallet may pass through. If they think that the cargo contains hazardous objects, they have to pinpoint the hazardous object or substance precisely in the picture and determine its nature. The training sequence is designed to allow for an hour of practice with continuously changing images, including a final test.

DEKRA-Recogn!ze is a web-based training system centrally hosted by DEKRA. It provides a reporting feature that is sufficient to produce the legally required proof of your employees‘ participation in a training course. A user log for all registered participants can be created on a monthly basis.