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Tuesday, 2017-12-19

Relaunch of ‘Learning Insights’, DEKRA Media’s platform for expert videos

Learning Insights provides a wide range of information, both in English and German, about ‘Workplace learning in the digital age’.

Screenshot: Website "learning Insights", © DEKRAEarly last week DEKRA Media celebrated the relaunch of their video portal ‘Learning Insights’. It provides a platform for renowned experts to share their experience and practical knowledge on workplace learning with particular regard to digital learning. The editorial team – with Wolfgang Reichelt, Nigel Paine, Dr. Peter Littig and Dr. Lutz P. Michel as its members – strives to offer insights into topics such as ‘Learning Efficiency’ or ‘Occupational Training 4.0’.

The website, regularly updated with expert lectures and interviews as well as blog posts, offers a variety of practical information in a forward-thinking spirit. Current videocasts deal with topics such as learning efficiency, learning culture, the future of digital learning and the use of beacon technology for learning purposes. Expert interviews for instance supply you with the necessary background knowledge on the e-learning market in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom or discuss reservations about social media shared by senior executives in many organizations. The ‘Tips for Tools’ section is aimed at decision-makers who are looking for advice on how to find the right learning tool for their organization.

The video clips are available in both English and German (spoken in one language and subtitled in the other). And we also look forward to hearing your take on our topics. Join the discussion in the comments section and take an active role in shaping the future of learning in the digital age.

DEKRA Media, a media agency based in Mönchengladbach/Germany, has years of experience in developing media-based solutions for vocational education and training.

Learning Insights

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