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Thursday, 2017-11-30

International training and certification program for the staff of DEKRA Automotive Solutions (DAS)

Almost 40 staff members of DAS in four countries have already been certified after completing the training program developed by DEKRA Qualification.

Four certified coachesDEKRA Automotive Solutions mainly serves customers from the automotive industry, but also used car dealers, leasing companies and long-term rental companies. In view of the constant evolution of mobility concepts, these companies have to meet rising demands in relation to the professional services they provide. That is why DEKRA Automotive Solutions offers consultancy and coaching to this target group.

A new training program was developed in order for DAS staff members to become even more effective in advising these customers. This qualification is aimed at broadening the range of methods that the trainers at DEKRA Automotive Solutions have at their disposal. Our objective is to increasingly develop solutions in close collaboration with our customers, thereby attaining more sustainable results.

This is where the experts from DEKRA Qualification came in. They developed a competency profile that forms the basis of the work of the trainers at DAS. It includes a variety of social skills, such as empathy and the ability to cooperate, but also business skills, such as entrepreneurial spirit and self-discipline, as well as personal qualities, such as passion, flexibility and a value-oriented focus.

Based on this competency profile, DEKRA Qualification developed a multi-level blended learning concept that comprises classroom activities, self-study phases, peer mentoring, videos and online courses.

When participants have completed the training program, another DEKRA company takes over: DEKRA Certification makes it possible for the trainers to become certified. The certification is valid for three years and has to be renewed after that period by means of a test in accordance with ISO 17024.

DEKRA Certification has already certified almost 40 staff members of DAS in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium who had completed the training program developed by DEKRA Qualification. DEKRA Automotive Solutions expects trainers in 16 more countries to complete the training program in 2019.

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Sylvana Berger
DEKRA Qualification GmbH