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Friday, 2017-09-01

FutureDRV: Training and further training of professional drivers

In a three-year project, participants from six European countries are jointly researching the future of the vocational field of bus and truck drivers.

Logo: FutureDVR, © DEKRAThe core theme of the project coordinated by the DEKRA Academy is the effects of Industry 4.0 on the training of professional drivers. The project involved creating a profile with all the competencies, skills and knowledge which the participants believe drivers need no later than 2030. The basis for this is the already existent ProfDRV[CB2] profile. The goal is to determine the necessary qualifications as well as appropriate learning solutions that are customised to a digital world. Research results collected in this way are then used to create a "roadmap" of the predicted changes for politicians, employers, social partners and educational institutions. The project team will also implement the main findings as recommendations for action.

The background to this is that the profession of truck and coach drivers is currently already undergoing change. At the same time, more and more transport companies have an acute lack of drivers. It is even more important for companies to think ahead and take future trends and innovations into account when planning the training. The European Commission, the National Education Agency for Europe at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NA at BIBB), the ERASMUS+ program and other strategic partners support FutureDRV. The project period ends on 31 August 2019.


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