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Tuesday, 2017-08-08

DEKRA Akademie Hungary celebrates its 10th anniversary

The DEKRA Akademie Kft. – a subsidiary of the DEKRA Akademie – has been active in Hungary since 22 June 2007.

DEKRA Akademie Hungary celebrates its 10th anniversary, © DEKRAIt is now one of the largest private training providers in Hungary in the field of adult education. It focuses on continuing education in the area of occupational safety, particularly with regard to heavy work machines in agriculture, building construction and civil engineering and warehousing and production. DEKRA Akademie Kft. Has also been very successful in the Hungarian market in the training and continuing education of electronic and nursing professions, as well as that of professional drivers. In addition to qualifying, the Hungarian DEKRA Akademie also carries out safety-related analyses and measurements.

The employees celebrated their 10th anniversary together with numerous guests who were invited by the DEKRA company group. In addition to a speech from Mr. Mannsperger (CEO of the DEKRA Akademie), the celebration in the Kiosk Budapest included an appearance by the operator singer Zsófia Kálnay and a performance by the dance group "Dirty Led Light Crew".