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Tuesday, 2017-05-30

Turkish delegation visits DEKRA CNC Training Center

Skills for industry 4.0 were the focus of the visit by a Turkish delegation from 15 to 22 May for the "Smart Comet” project.

Turkish delegation, © DEKRAIn this project, the Turkish Metal Employers Association is cooperating, inter alia, with the Fraunhofer Institute and the DEKRA Academy. The aim is to establish and promote the necessary skills for a digitized industry. To this end the project participants developed a competence management system for Turkish companies in the metal industry and vocational schools. The concept is complemented by precise training and continuing education courses, the aim of which is to transmit the necessary knowledge and skills to the employees. Workshops and informational trips to Germany, France or Spain are also part of the concept, however. One such opportunity has now been utilised by the project managers from Turkey to pay a visit to their cooperation partners in Germany.

In particular, the delegation wanted to find out what challenges trainers face in the metal industry in the future and what appropriate qualifications are available for this. The programme therefore consisted of specialist lectures and visits to various facilities. Among other things the Turkish guests took advantage of the opportunity to take a peek at the modern CNC training at the DEKRA Academy in Stuttgart. The future Worklab at the Fraunhofer Institute IAO, the "Factory of the future" at the Festo plant in Scharnhausen and the employer organisation Südwestmetall were also planned into the trip.

The target group of "Smart Comet” are executives, employees, vocational school teachers, trainers and trainees. The project duration is three years. The project is partially funded by the European Union.