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Tuesday, 2017-01-31

Smart Comet: Turkish employees learning for Industry 4.0

A new project funded by the EU, in which the DEKRA Academy is also involved, aims to get Turkish employees ready for Industry 4.0.

Smart Comet: Turkish employees learning for Industry 4.0In cooperation with a Spanish educational provider, the project Smart Comet is helping the Turkish association of metal industry employers prepare their employees for the changes associated with Industry 4.0. 

The plan is to develop and pilot a competence management system for schools and companies in the metal industry as part of a joint cooperative model.  For this, skills assessment and development models are to be tested and adapted to the situation prevalent in Turkey. Appropriate learning opportunities will help the employees deal with the challenges arising at their workplace in the wake of Industry 4.0. The plan also encompasses workshops and informational trips to Germany, France and Spain in order to get the facilitators ready for this demanding task.

The project target group is made up of managers and employees in the metal industry, directors of vocational schools, teachers, trainers in companies and trainees. The project will last for three years and will be partly funded by the European Union.

Further information: malte.stamer(at)dekra(dot)com