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Monday, 2015-10-26

Pilot training for the commercial use of drones: Flying Courses for Digital Bumblebees

Drones are on the rise. But time and again we see headlines lamenting the failings in pilots' flying skills. Any device that goes buzzing above our heads or at even loftier...

Monday, 2015-09-21

Cooking on the Road: Germany's First Cookbook for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

Rest areas and truck stops don't always make it easy for long-haul truck drivers to maintain a balanced diet. If they eat veggie patties with salad on too many occasions rather...

Studying at DEKRA

As of 7 July 2009, DEKRA Media academy has become the sate-approved, private DEKRA University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

The three main programmes Media management, Journalism and Television and Film are tailored to the modern media landscape and allow specialisation in Digital Design, Marketing & Business communication as well as TV journalism / Anchoring and Online journalism. By offering the fields of direction, camera, script writing, production and audio, the programme Television and Film covers all requirements of current television and film productions. The standard period of study is six semesters (Bachelor of Arts) and includes a three months internship.

Degree programmes for practice

The university is open to creative, young people who are willing to show commitment and work with stamina and team-orientation. The classrooms are situated in the loft of a former lamp factory in the trendy Berlin district of Friedrichshain. For the realisation of professional project work, we provide extensive technical equipment to our students.

Degree programmes of the DEKRA University of Applied Sciences Berlin:

  • Television and Film with specialisation in direction or camera Script writing, production and audio
  • Journalism with specialisation in online journalism and TV journalism / anchoring
  • Media management with specialisation in digital design, marketing and business communication


Our trainers have first-hand professional experience enabling them to provide you with optimal preparation not only in your special field but also concerning operational and production processes.

It is important to us that you learn to work independently, confidently, professionally and competently. These are fundamental prerequisites to succeed at our partner companies and later in the labour market.