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Tuesday, 2017-08-08

DEKRA Akademie Hungary celebrates its 10th anniversary

The DEKRA Akademie Kft. – a subsidiary of the DEKRA Akademie – has been active in Hungary since 22 June 2007.

Monday, 2017-07-03

E-Learning Presentation Links DEKRA Managers on Four Continents

Using modern technology, DEKRA executives from 31 countries can now already prepare optimally in the run-up for a classroom seminar.

Fleet management

DEKRA is Europe's leading specialist for fleet management and transport logistics

People responsible for a fleet at a forwarding agency, company car pool, taxi service or car rental are advised to be up-to-date in all areas to ensure that the fleet operates economically and safely.

Fleet management organises the mobility of goods and passengers while achieving an optimum cost-benefit ratio. From procurement to vehicle recycling, all processes can be coordinated and improved with this.
Companies can make more efficient use of their fleets and reduce the cost by managing their fleets intelligently.

DEKRA Academy, DEKRA Qualification, DEKRA Personnel and further DEKRA companies are starting a 360 degree campaign on fleet management that will last several years offering holistic support.