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Friday, 2017-09-29

DEKRA at the A+A 2017

The world’s largest specialist trade fair for occupational and industrial safety is taking place in Düsseldorf from 17 to 20 October.

Friday, 2017-09-01

FutureDRV: Training and further training of professional drivers

In a three-year project, participants from six European countries are jointly researching the future of the vocational field of bus and truck drivers.

Security staff for air traffic

DEKRA Academy has been specialising in the areas of safety and security for air traffic.

Our customers include aviation and air freight operators, airports, service providers and various enterprises in industry, manufacture, maintenance and development.

The international regulations for improving the security of air freight have been tightened against the backdrop of a rising threat of terrorism. Proficient monitoring of air freight has become as important as security checks of passengers.
The tightening of security regulations brings about the need for security personnel to be trained to ensure that standards in passenger checks are met.